Broadway Mockery

If anyone wants to experience the acquaintance of two polar opposite people, I highly recommend you meeting me and my brother. Sometimes it’s unbelievable how two children from the same parents turn out this different.

Although we have learned to work around it throughout the years, there are many moments that our personalities clash together, but not in a good way.

I thought this was a perfect opportunity to address a high point where we mismatch.

My brother has always been the tech wizard of the family while I was the one with words.

In both of the pathways we have excelled in out running each other till up to date. Unlike him, I have always given him the credit he deserved! Well done Genius! I am a person who faces many obsticles when it comes to technology based work. Truthfully, I ran into many technical difficulties when starting this blog.

I’m living proof of “one could be always stupider when it comes to the simplest task..”

In my deffence, Technology never interested me. I always found comfort in a book or a paper article. Nearly 2 years back I started writing stories on Wattpad, a globally recognized app for writing and reading. But it was not until the mid of August last year that I gained the confidence to actually publish my books chapter by chapter. Until that all my ideas had remained in the form of a draft. So when I finally grew the balls to publish the story I wanted to share the word amongst people.

My parents have always been my strongest supporters. The foundation that I stand on and the two mountains that shields me, so they were quite quick and excited to spread the word amongst family, friends and even some of their business partners. To say that I was flattered was an understatement. I was beyond happy that they were willing to help and support my passion.Then it left my brother..

As a person with many connections around the world because of his platform of gaming and anime creation, he had more exposure and fame on many social states.In this case I wouldn’t be lying when I say that I anticipated more help from him.

Yes, I did.

I decided to ask for help, after all aside from every diffrence we had, he was my elder brother.This is when our personality clash was fueled.

He refused to help me!!

The thing is, he did not just refuse.. Oh no.. He decided to MOCK ME!! In my perceptive it was not just mockery, it was Broadway Mockery!! And he put me down!! It kinda made me sad!!

Anyways he told me that no one actually reads anymore! That people nowaday prefers watching something over reading! At some level in this arugement I do have to give my brother some credit. He does have a point. Us humans have become more lazy nowadays than we were nearly 50 years before!!

Over the years, we have decreased our rate of work and now we are starting to become sloths.

We spend more time hiding behind a screen rather than having interactions with each other.

We are socially active but not socially available.

Honestly I think that at one point our heads may sink into our butts..πŸ˜‚

Just an assumption, so we must act fast!

Although I really wanted to rip his head apart when he mocked me, he did make me think!

‘Will people really read my content?’

The main genere of my writing is Poetry.. And nowadays only a small quantity of people pays attention to poems..

But keeping all those facts aside, I think it was my brother’s duty to help me and stand up for me no matter what!

This made me think of many evil experties that I wanted to try on him. Some are too violent to be mentioned in a blog.. πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜ˆπŸ—‘

Me being the good hearted angel I am, decided to halt on every murder plan I had..πŸ˜‡

Though I did steal his icecream, but I assure you that it was only because I was hungry and was on a diet..

I know that this blog was not exciting as you aspire it to be but I really wanted to share this before I murder anyone..

Thank you for listening in!I’m sending each one of you a big Hug!!

Please don’t murder anyone unless it’s necessary.. πŸ—‘πŸ—‘


I’M JOKING!! Don’t Commit MURDER!! πŸ˜‡

Love ya’ll so much!

Until next time,


Oshendra Perera πŸ’œβœŒπŸΌ

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Climbing Imbecile

If you know me personally, something that you might realize about me is that I’m not the brightest of the bunch.. Clearly!

So if I had two brain cells, I would have not climbed on top of a rock covered in steel and with a red sign written in bold, which read; “CLIMBING IS STRICLY PROHIBITED!!”

But I clearly don’t own two brain cells, so I decided to climb anyway!

This destination that I’m telling you about is non other than the great Colosseum of Rome itself!! There was a metalic fence that we could over look at the fighting arena from. Near this balcony there was a rock ark covered with a steel cover that sat there minding its own business.

Me being the pea brained youngster I was back in 2016, decided that it was a great idea to climb the rock which was probably an old ruin of the colosseum where the kings may have layed their bums on. I completely ignored the brightly flashing sign and took my non-heroic self onto to the top of it!

If you ever wonder; the view was breathtaking and a cough fit will politely follow after if you try to suck in the old dusty rock.

After I took in the sourounding and enjoyed my short lasted feeling of honour in keeping my own ass down on where kings sat and enjoying how people far away looked like ants and not mention how I proceeded to to let out an evil laugh for no reason at all, I spotted my mom lurking over the balcony.

She voluntered to be the camera-woman for the day! I used ‘camera-woman’ because I do not descriminate!

*Insert Me Raising My Collar Here*

When I spotted my mother I got the genius idea of telling her to take a photo of me!

Before I could scream out on top of my lungs for my mother, I noticed that my father was right below where I was. When my father finally responded to me, his first reaction was to face palm himself.. He was not surprised.

To be honest, along the years my family,relatives and some of my friends had come to the realization that I had some loose screws. But they decided to keep me! And I applaud to their bravery!πŸ‘πŸΌ

After I told my dad that I wanted a picture, he called my mother. Unsurprisingly my mother took some shots of me posing like a, I don’t know what with an alligator smile.

At the end of the photoshoot I got down and followed my mom like an innocent puppy to the second half of the stadium. By now my father had ventured off with my brother to see somewhere else.

The sight seeing of the next half of me and my mother was short lasted as we were stopped by a Police Officer!!

Well, not all criminals get away!!

But for whatever good deed that I had done in my past life, luck was on our side!

He was pointing at the mighty throne that I sat before and was indicating taking pictures. He wanted to know if that was us. But he was speaking in Italian with a bit of sign language for us foreigners to understand.

Clearly we understood, it was a no brainer! We didn’t understand his language but his signs where clear! We pretended not to understand, and kept telling him to speak in English. He didn’t understand nor spoke English.

Then we made our escaspe. I was too young for jail…!!

Looking back I realize that I was kinda dumb. But if I was to get arrested that day I think they wouldn’t have put me to jail, instead they would’ve given me some brain cells. That could have come in handy.

Oh well, better luck next time!

Aside from my stupidity this remains a day that we will never forget!

If the Italy Goverment come across this, please do not sue my innocent soul.. I was just stupid.

I hope that no one fell asleep halfway through the blog! This was not extreme law breaking but what more could ask from a pea head like me?

I’ve always wanted to share this story with more people other than the Italian Goverment! I sure do hope that any kind of emotion passed through you when reading this!! Do comment what you think about this!!

Cease any stupid decisions that you want to possibly try!

Thank you soo much for Reading!!

Until next time,


Oshendra Perera!

This is the picture of me during my crime!😈

These are some other pictures of the arena!!πŸ˜‡